Congressmen from the jogulamba gadwal district have written to Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari on Thursday, accusing the former district collector of the BRS administration, Valluru Kranthi, of huge land and tax violations. To ensure that farmers who suffered from corruption received justice, they sought an investigation into their claims of corruption.
The leaders of the congress party said that Kranthi, who collaborated with BRS officials, amassed enormous wealth by falsifying revenue records and channeling bribe money via her father, Dr. Venkata Ranga Reddy, who oversaw kurnool Government Hospital as its superintendent.

They claimed that Bhudaan Board's holdings in survey numbers 45 and 46 in Induvasi village of Ghattu Mandal and 39 acres of land in survey number 156 of Peddatandrapadu village in Rajoli Mandal were taken off the restricted list in tax records in 2023 by Kranthi.
Additionally, they claimed that after taking large payments from the farmers, the then-RDO Ramulu and kranthi included 400 acres of land in Kunicherla village under the Ghattu lift irrigation program in their records even though it was not included in revenue records.

The congress leaders also claimed that although 53 commercial buildings were permitted to be built in the Aiza municipality, permissions had been granted for the construction of residential buildings. They further claimed that despite court orders to demolish the illegal structures, kranthi had circumvented the municipal Acts to convert the land for residential use, with the backing of S Niranjan Reddy, the minister of agriculture at the time.

The property that was obtained to create a road was allegedly recorded as excess land on revenue records under survey number 62 of Bingidoddi mandal of Aiza mandal, and kranthi distributed passbooks to private persons.
Signatories to the petition, which called for a thorough investigation into the accusations, included local Congressmen Mohd Ishaq, Mohd Ghouse, SK Mahabub Pasha, Rajendra, and G Shankar, the former vice-chairman of the Gadwal municipality, as well as Shaikh Shahwali Achary, a council member of the Aiza municipality.

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