Vegetable prices in hyderabad have reached historically high levels ahead of Bakrid due to the recent temperatures and unusual rainfall. In just two weeks, there has been a 30–50% rise, and the locals are suffering the effects of lower supply and more demand.
Vegetable harvests have been negatively harmed by the harsh weather, which included very high summertime temperatures followed by torrential rains. Some vegetables are sold by sellers in districts like Narayanapeta for Rs 100 per kg, while others are sold for between Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kg. This sudden surge is mostly the result of higher expenses—including transportation costs—incurred while importing veggies from Raichur and Yadgir in Karnataka.

Vegetable costs in Hyderabad's open marketplaces are notably more expensive than those in Rytu Bazaars, with variations between Rs 10 and Rs 20 per kilogram. The price per kg of bitter gourd and green chilies is Rs 100, whereas the price per kg of ridge gourd and beans has increased to Rs 120. cauliflower and long beans retail for Rs 80 per kg, while capsicum costs Rs 90 per kg. Particularly costly are bean seeds, which range in price from Rs 200 to Rs 240 per kilogram.

Traditionally offering a wide selection of vegetables grown nearby, Rytu Bazaars now only sell tomatoes, brinjals, and spinach. Only when the vegetable crops from Vanakalam hit the market are prices predicted to level down. In this state, the Southwest monsoon is in full swing, and farmers are getting their crops ready for the upcoming growing season.
Vegetables from nearby states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and maharashtra are being imported by dealers to satisfy demand.

Jump in sheep prices ahead of Bakrid in Hyderabad
In addition to vegetable costs, sheep prices increased in hyderabad before to Bakrid. Due to a scarcity of sheep caused by the state's rainy season, sheep prices have increased by 20–25 percent over the previous year.
A sheep merchant named Abdul Mannan Khan told that sheep typically become ill during the rainy season, which lowers the supply.
He provided information about the precipitation-related increase in sheep prices in hyderabad, stating that pairs of 10-15 kilogramme meat sheep are presently selling for Rs 28,000, while pairs of 10–12 kg meat sheep are currently being sold for Rs 25,000.


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