As the designated deputy chief minister in the chandrababu naidu government, pawan kalyan has grown to be a key figure in andhra pradesh politics. For Mega fans throughout the world who have been supporting Pawan to be successful in politics, this is a dream come true. To cut to the chase, OG may be Pawan Kalyan's very next theatrical role. There is also hari Hara Veera Mallu, although this movie does not have an official release date.
As it stands, OG is the most anticipated and beloved movie in Pawan's upcoming slate. Pawan's political success will add even more excitement to the picture, building on the already considerable buzz around it. The majority of it would gain from Pawan's recent political victory. OG's pre-release excitement and festivities will be enormous. Because their main guy is the deputy cm of ap, JSP supporters, and Mega fans will get to enjoy this movie, and there will be nonstop festivities in ap before its premiere.

Sujeeth's ability to provide a product with a minimal guarantee and elevate Pawan's fan base will suffice, since Pawan's off-screen persona is currently at an all-time high. sujeeth might make a major splash if he can pull off a hit here, since this movie has a tonne of untapped potential.


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