Crown of Thorns for Vangalapudi Anita..!?

- Challenging policing.
- Women's safety is key.
- Babu followed jagan and gave home to Anita.

Vangalapudi Anita. As a telugu woman president, she is recognized as a courageous woman who fought many battles in the last five years. That's why Chandrababu gave Anita the post of minister. Not only did she win the Payaka Rao Peta constituency of Visakhapatnam, but she also won with a huge majority from there. Appreciating Anita's struggle and leadership qualities, Chandrababu entrusted her with the state home department, which many people expected to want from him.

However, the home Department headed by minister Anita is now full of challenges. Although Chandrababu has entrusted the maintenance of peace and security in the state, he entrusted Anita with the responsibilities of regularization of stations, friendly policing, including important disaster management. At the same time, reforms in prisons, fire departments, and disaster management departments will also have to be seen. Especially the prohibition of ganja and drugs in the state will become a challenge for her. Similarly, there is no doubt that curbing violence against women will become crucial.

Anita also mentioned the same thing. Although the previous government brought a directive law for the protection of women in the state, the center did not give permission for it. The question is what Anita will do in this context. Will you amend the law and get permission from the center to provide security to women? Or replace that law with a new one? It should be seen. Also, friendly policing has to be brought to the stations. The previous government has worked to some extent for this. The orders of the supreme court to install CCTV cameras have to be implemented now. All these are going to become a burden beyond Anita's head.

Most importantly, the issue of weekly offs for the police is a bad one. It is true that the police are getting tired of this. The police department is also ready to ask Anita, who will take up the responsibilities as the home minister, on the same issue. Anita's decision is going to be the highlight of this sequence. However, apart from these responsibilities, there are indications that if she had been entrusted with the women and child welfare department. There would have been better results. However, it is noteworthy that Chandrababu has given the home Department to sc social class to women in the same manner followed by jagan in the past.

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