Huge Pressure on bc Janardhan Reddy..!?

* Will bc janardhan reddy change the status of ap roads?
* Will bc check the criticism regarding ap roads?
* Will kurnool benefit from Janardhan Reddy's ministership?

12 MLAs won on behalf of the alliance from the joint kurnool district and three of these 12 got ministerial posts. It is noteworthy that bc janardhan reddy is one of those who got the minister post from the combined kurnool district. bc Janardhana reddy was given the post of minister for the first time and Chandrababu assigned him the Roads & Buildings, Infrastructure and Investment Departments. It is known that roads are also a reason for YCP's defeat in andhra pradesh state. The problems faced by the people of ap are not all due to the lack of proper roads. Due to the lack of proper roads during the rainy season, accidents are also more common. Allocating this department to bc janardhan reddy means putting a heavy burden on him.
There is also a discussion on social media about whether this minister will check all the criticisms regarding roads in AP. As bc janardhan reddy has no experience as a minister, there are opinions that it would be better if Chandrababu paid special attention to the departments assigned to him. bc Janardhan Reddy's appointment as a minister made kurnool residents happy.

The people of kurnool want bc janardhan reddy, who worked for the development of the constituency and won the hearts of the people, and got the post of minister, to do full justice to that position and to have a good name in the constituency. The residents of the district are commenting that the joint kurnool district will be good in the wake of bc Janardhan Reddy's ministership. It is noteworthy that Chandrababu's decisions have been taken to make the tdp rise day by day in the joint kurnool district.

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