The Goshamahal raja Singh, a bjp MLA, has insisted that the recently established andhra pradesh government promptly rehabilitate historic temples and that the chairs of temple committees and employees be solely Hindus.
"Y S jagan, a former chief minister of andhra pradesh who converted, demolished, and damaged Hindu culture and disparaged old Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh. The management of the tirupati balaji temple was given to a converted Christian. jagan Mohan reddy took the lead in defaming the tirupati shrine, according to raja Singh.

Having come to terms with the fact that their faith will suffer, Hindus cast their votes for the tdp and elected N chandrababu naidu to head the state. "Prohibited products, such as meat, are smuggled into temples in andhra pradesh, notably the srisailam temple. He insisted that only Hindus be assigned to managerial and security positions in the temple.

Using a video clip, raja Singh attacked jagan Mohan reddy for violating the sacred site's sacredness by designating non-Hindus to a number of important posts within it. He took aim at the previous administration for promoting anti-religious activities at tirumala, which he said was causing pain and sorrow to Hindus. He claimed that by appointing converted Christians for a variety of positions, including ttd Chairman and EO, jagan committed a grave error.

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