The city saw a multifold surge in the sale of sacrifice animals on Saturday, including sheep, goats, and cattle, ahead of Eid ul Adha. Sheep are sold in makeshift markets that have been built up at Chanchalguda, Jalpally, Tolichowki, Falaknuma, Langer Houz, Pahadishareef, Golnaka Amberpet, Ibrahimpatnam (Ranga reddy district), Azampura, A C Guards, and Petlaburj.

Before the festival, traders report brisk business, but they also admit that the industry is becoming less profitable because to the influx of young people into the seasonal market. In the past, the only people in business were middlemen and cattle producers. Young people are now combining their funds to acquire sheep and sell them in the city. Thus, the traditional shepherds have little business," Ibrahimpatnam shopkeeper Shekhar said.

Traders from various telangana districts, and neighboring states including andhra pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, as well as Delhi, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, bring the sheep and goats to the city. More cattle are anticipated to enter the city on sunday from several telangana districts. In the market, a sheep providing around 12 kg of meat is being offered for Rs. 12,000, with bigger animals fetching greater rates.

Prices just went up by Rs 1000. When more sacrificial animals are brought to the city on sunday, prices will drop, according to K Shivlal, a sheep seller at Jiyaguda market. "It's not a big difference."
Bull and oxen are among the most in-demand animals in the city, even though police and cow vigilante organizations are said to harass them. Cattle are being sold throughout the city at several locations. In addition to other places, the cattle are marketed at Jahanuma, Ghousenagar Bandlaguda, Shaheennagar, Barkas, Tallabkatta, Asadbabanagar Kishan Bagh, Golconda, Jhirra - Tappachabutra, Hakeempet, and Yakutpura.

The costs range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 and might possibly reach Rs 1 lakh. The cattle are transported from several areas in telangana and andhra pradesh using trucks, DCMs, and pick-up jeeps.

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