On saturday night, there was tension in medak town when two religious groups fought over the unlawful movement of cows. A member of a different community was attacked by several unidentified individuals from one group after it was claimed that the authorities were unable to stop the initial hostilities.
Serious injuries were also suffered by another individual in the collision. For medical attention, the injured were sent to the Area Hospital in Medak. At first, a group from BJYM blocked while other individuals were transporting cows in a car.

The cows were also taken into the custody of the police. The BJYM leaders hurried to the location at Narsikhed, on the outskirts of medak town, as soon as they learned of the unlawful movement of a herd of cows at another location. The two factions got into a furious dispute about the matter.
The leaders of BJYM mounted a demonstration outside the medak Town police Station, claiming that they had been attacked, and they demanded action. Due of their fear of assaults, the businesses chose to close. The cops used a lathi-charge to break up the gathering as the tension continued to rise.
Rival factions were still present at the medak Town police Station. The situation remained out of control until late at night, when SP B bala Swamy sent out large contingents of police officers around the town.

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