What did Justin Trudeau say after meeting Modi?

On the outskirts of the G7 Summit in Italy, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau held a friendly meeting with prime minister Narendra Modi, following the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in british Columbia, which resulted in significant diplomatic strains between the two countries. One day after their brief encounter, the prime minister of canada declared on saturday that india and canada have decided to work together on several "very important issues". The heads of state of Italy, France, Japan, and other countries had one-on-one meetings with PM Modi. All he did, though, was shake hands with Canada's prime leader.

single post later, PM Modi told the world that he "met Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at the G7 Summit." The civil meeting is held under the shadow of tension caused by Canada's allegation that agents in New delhi participated in the assassination of Nijjar, an indian terrorist. The Canadian charges were emphatically refuted by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which described them as "absurd and motivated." india has charged canada with fomenting anti-Indian attitudes. Trudeau did not reveal what he spoke with prime minister Modi during their friendly encounter on Saturday. 

"I don't intend to get into the particulars of this vital, delicate problem that we have to keep up on, but this was an intention to work into a team, in the months to come, to tackle some critical matters," Trudeau told reporters, as reported by PTI. According to the Canadian Prime Minister's Office, Trudeau congratulated Modi on his reelection during the two's "brief conversation on the bilateral relationship". Of course, there are currently significant challenges separating our two nations. The Canadian press news agency cited spokesperson Ann-Clara Vaillancourt as saying, "We recognize that we won't be expressing any further announcements at this time."

Yet, India chose not to make a supplementary statement after PM Modi's talk with Trudeau. As per New delhi, the main disagreement between canada and india stems from the fact that india has been accommodating organizations that back Khalistan. New delhi expects Ottawa to act decisively against those groups. During the summit, PM Modi had one-on-one meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni, british prime minister Rishi Sunak, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz. Among his guests was US President Joe Biden.

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