Roja will be targeted personally & politically..!?

- Anita doesn't care about Roja at all.?
- Roja will be more targeted.
- Allegations that Roja gave jobs to many people and took bribes.

Jabardasth Roja. She was a minister for the last two years during the ycp regime. However, she acted as a minister of words even more than a minister. They used to criticize Jana Sena, tdp, and bjp on the other side. She commented that the cycle of tdp has been killed. janasena means an army without people. All of them made jokes. There are occasions when she lashes out at Pawan's marriages.
In fact, in a way, even than the work that she has to do as a minister by criticizing.  She got the name of a politically useless leader. And, now that the party has changed and the government has changed, Roja will be more targeted. Especially Vangalapudi Anita, who has taken up the responsibilities as home minister, does not like Roja at all. In this background, it is not surprising that Anita would lash out at her every day from now on. There is no hesitation in targeting Roja personally and politically. Now, netizens are trolling Roja in the background saying that they did not make mistakes, they did good and lost. These will increase further.

At the same time, when Roja was the minister of Tourism and Sports, there were allegations that she gave jobs to many people and took bribes. The government has already received complaints about this. At the same time, it is reported that those who were given permission to set up projects in tourist areas were also threatened. The government has focused on this. The affair of taking 30 lakhs, the affairs of the brothers like this, problems will come to Roja in many forms. The tdp leaders say that it is certain that she will end her life.

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