Australia made england cry..!? victory in the last over..!?

australia took the match to the last over to win the group stage match against Scotland. The england team was in a state of tension. australia, england, scotland, namibia, and oman have been drawn in Group B of the 2024 t20 World Cup. In this, the Australian team won the first three matches they played and advanced to the Super 8 round. A match between england and scotland was abandoned due to rain and both teams were awarded one point each. england then lost to Australia. Although the england team defeated the namibia and oman teams, they were in a position to advance to the Super 8 round only by competing with the scotland team on the points list of the group section.
Scotland also beat oman and namibia to equal 5 points with England. At this stage, it was the case that scotland would advance to the Super 8 round if they won the last match against Australia. If that happens, the english team will have to leave the group stage. On the other hand, the players of the 142-year-old Ashes arch-rival, australia, were joking that they would lose to Scotland. The Australian players had taunted that we will throw england out of the t20 world cup with that. The england team was worried that australia might actually lose to Scotland. In this situation, the Australian team bowled first in the match against the scotland team. scotland played an action game and accumulated 180 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in 20 overs. australia used three spin bowlers in this match.It was pointed out by many and there was a doubt that australia deliberately used three spinners to make scotland run out. Next, even when australia batted, they lost wickets and bowled at a low run rate. In the first 10 overs, the Australian team scored 74 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. At that time, the Australian team needed to score 107 runs in 10 overs to win. Travis Head and Marcus Stoinis bowled brilliantly at this stage. Travis Head was bowled with 68 off 49 balls. Marcus Stoinis played an action game. He scored 59 runs off 29 balls and lost the game in his 17th over.
Tim David came next and added 24 runs off 14 balls. australia was in a position to win if they scored five runs in the last over. There is no doubt that the england team would have been at the peak of tension then. Australian players Wade and David added a total of four runs off the first three balls of the last over. Tim David hits a six off the fourth ball. australia won by five wickets in 19.4 overs. With this, the Scottish team left the group stage. england advanced to the Super 8 by finishing second behind scotland in terms of net run rate. In this match, australia took the match to the last over and took revenge by giving panic to their arch-rivals England.

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