While the Pulkal police were observing, the employees at the toll plaza on NH-161 at Taddhanpally in Chowtakur mandal are accused of attacking a car driver with steel rods. The problem arose when the driver of the car, who was from a nearby town, got into a heated dispute with the administration of the toll plaza over the toll prices. The cops arrived at the scene to investigate after the argument.
After obtaining steel rods, the toll plaza employees assaulted the motorist. But after a little while, the cops arrived and calmed the driver and employees. However, because the driver chose not to make a complaint, no case was filed against the poll workers.

Earlier, In Sangareddy, Telangana, prime minister Narendra Modi announced several development projects totaling Rs 7,200 crore. The projects have ties to several important industries, including natural gas, transportation, petroleum, and rail. Three National Highway projects were launched and the foundation stone was set by the Prime Minister.

The prime minister officially opened two National Highway projects, one of which is a 40-kilometer stretch of NH-161 with four lanes from Kandi to Ramsanpalle. As a component of the Indore-Hyderabad Economic Corridor, the project would make it easier for people to travel between Telangana, Maharashtra, and madhya pradesh for both passengers and goods. Additionally, the stretch will significantly shorten the 3-hour journey between hyderabad and Nanded.

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