On this Bakrid occasion, governor CP Radhakrishnan sent his best wishes and greetings. He sent his best wishes for pleasure, peace, and good health to the Muslims of telangana on Bakrid or Eid Ul Adha. Bakrid represents the spirit of selflessness and unwavering loyalty. According to him, it has a particular significance in the Islamic religion and stands for the virtues of compassion, almsgiving, devotion, and helping the poor.

"I hope that the festival's celebration will further bolster the values of sacrifice, service, and fraternity. He remarked, "I am confident that peace, harmony, collaboration, compassion, and unity prevail in society by honoring Bakrid in genuine spirit.
The Muslim community was also greeted by chief minister A revanth Reddy. According to him, Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son is remembered on the festival of sacrifice, highlighting the great act of obedience and devotion to God.
He claimed that Bakrid is a reflection of the prophets' steadfast commitment and dedication. He claimed that Bakrid is a celebration that also promotes giving. President of the BRS and leader of the Opposition K Chandrashekhar Rao also sent his best wishes to the Muslim community.

He said that Bakrid conveyed the idea that all people should obey divine law and provide unselfish service for the good of society. He emphasized that individuals had to understand the value of giving up what they own.

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