The ysr congress is claiming that the results of the most recent andhra pradesh elections were manipulated in favor of TDP+ by hacking the electronic voting machines. Leaders of the ysr congress, such as jagan, were speculating absurdly about the EVM hacking. They were dubbed Shakuni Pachikalu by jagan, and they distributed votes based on Chandrababu Naidu's whims and fancy. 

He insisted that the EVMs be the subject of a national conversation. After the polls, chandrababu naidu allegedly flew to singapore and used barcode scanning to alter the results, according to Jagan's uncle, former mla Ravindranath Reddy.

Kethireddy venkat Rami Reddy, a former mla from Dharmavaram, is producing such absurd videos. Even when Chandrababu's party lost 23 seats in 2019, the YSRCP disregarded it, and narasimha RAO' target='_blank' title='gvl narasimha rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>gvl narasimha rao of the bjp later wrote a book titled Democracy at Risk! Are Our Electronic Voting Machines Trustworthy? In the present day, everyone is spreading propaganda and singing the same song, including jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ys jagan mohan reddy, the president of the YSRCP party, and its leaders on social media. However, in the process, they are creating a mockery of themselves.

However, experts in electronics claim that manipulating or hacking the EVMs is not feasible. EVMs work like calculators and are impossible to tamper with. They are not linked to WiFi, Bluetooth, the Internet, or anything else. So, it is not feasible to tamper with them. It is crucial to remember that EVMs only function with serial numbers; they do not have symbols. Therefore, programming in support of a symbol cannot be completed beforehand. Following the completion of the nomination process, the candidates are assigned to the symbols in alphabetical order: independent candidates come first, followed by those from recognized political parties. Subsequently, the voting paper adheres to the electronic voting machines.

In this way, a serial number is assigned to each party in each constituency. When a party wins the majority of the vote in one constituency, for instance, its candidates may finish third in another. Gaining knowledge about the locations of the EVMs is not feasible until the nomination process is over. The electronic voting machines had already been delivered to every district center by the time the serial numbers were known. They are positioned in secure, robust chambers. Because even political parties continuously monitor the strong rooms, tampering with the EVMs is not conceivable.

Some claim that after the polling, the votes are altered in the electronic voting machines. That is nearly impossible as well. They are guarded around the clock by police officers, CCTV cameras, and central security personnel in strong rooms. Only when political party members are present can they be opened and relocated? Following the polling, agents of all political parties can access Form 17C, which contains a record of the number of votes cast. They are compared with the total number of votes accessible in the EVMs at the counting centers. Since the VVPATs have already been printed and sealed, they cannot be altered if a candidate's vote is altered.

The VVPATs of any five randomly chosen polling booths will be counted for each constituency following the final round of counting. The VVPATs will reveal any EVM manipulation if it occurs. The EVMs are thus totally impervious to tampering. In the most recent elections, the election commission permitted disgruntled candidates who placed second and third in polls to request, in writing, verification of the microcontroller chips embedded in five percent of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) per assembly constituency. The cost of each EVM is 47,200 Rupees. Candidates who pay the required money can have five percent of the EVMs examined.

Their costs will be waived if they turn out to be correct. Within seven days following the results announcement, the disgruntled candidates may apply for an EVM check. This indicates that andhra pradesh has already passed the period. Just like that, jagan alone could finance every contender in 175 seats. The fact that the ysr congress candidates understood they were bluffing and their hypothesis was implausible is why they chose not to apply for it or seek the court.


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