We are nearly halfway through 2024. The list of popular and box office failures from the Southern cinema industry is available by june 16th. With a success record of almost 90%, malayalam has taken the lead, shocking bollywood and the whole indian film industry.

"Manjummel Boys," which made an astounding 242 Cr worldwide, became an industry smash in Malayalam. "Avesham" came in second place with a global gross of Rs 157 Cr, while "Aadujeevitam" came in third place with Rs 161 Cr. "Premalu" had a global gross of 133 Cr, surpassing the Rs 100 Cr milestone. 'Abraham Ozler' and other films were also successful. There have only been two big successes in telugu film this year: "Hanuman," which has a 295 Cr worldwide total, and "Tillu Square," which has earned Rs 130 Cr. The success percentage as a whole is a low 10%.

There hasn't been a single hit in the tamil cinema industry this year. There are a tonne of huge films coming out in all genres, so we need to find out which ones will do well at the box office and earn a spot among the hits and superhits. Hopefully, the latter part of 2024 will provide some vibrancy and distinction to each industry's image.

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