Whom did trump call a terrorist before the election?

There is a presidential election in America in november this year, due to which political turmoil has started in the country. There is a close competition between former President donald trump and Joe Biden because trump is the Republican candidate for the presidential race. Now rallies are also being held continuously. trump has promised the people that if he comes to power again, the biggest deportation campaign in the history of America will be launched.

Trump was addressing a conference in Michigan. During this, he also called upon the supporters to vote in the november elections and said that the time has come to throw out radical Islamic terrorists from the country. He said that the choice is clear for every voter in November. You can have a president who will throw out thousands of radical Islamic terrorists.

'Our country is in danger, this has never happened before'

Actually, Trump is trying to woo voters in every way. He said that on the first day of the new administration, we will start the biggest deportation campaign in American history. We have no choice. trump and his supporters were earlier saying that Democratic President Joe Biden has made it easier for immigrants to come to America. Biden often calls the crimes committed by immigrants as migrant crimes. trump has mentioned anti-immigrant policies on several occasions before the election. Referring to the recent arrest of 8 people associated with ISIS, trump said that our country has never been in such danger as it is now. trump claimed that terrorists are entering America.

Immigrants were called animals

Addressing the conference, trump said, our country is going to pay a heavy price for this. Let us tell you that in April, trump called American immigrants animals and reiterated his previous allegation that they are poisoning the blood of our country. However, Trump's comment was strongly criticized. It is not that trump has tried to corner Biden on this issue for the first time, he has made such statements many times before this. Biden and trump always have a war going on on social media as well.

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