All Super 8 matches will be affected due to rain..!?

The Super 8 round, an important stage of the 2024 t20 world cup series, is going to start in two days. In this situation, it has been reported that most of the matches to be held in the Super 8 round will be affected by rain. It has been revealed through the weather forecast that except for the India-Afghanistan match to be held on june 20, all the other matches are likely to be affected by rain. The Super 8 round matches will be held at four venues in the West Indies. The India-Afghanistan match will be held at barbados Stadium. There is a 10 to 15 percent chance of rain during the match. There is a 40 to 55 percent chance of rain during other matches at the stadium. There is a high chance of rain in the next matches at St. Lucia, especially the match between india and Australia. Perhaps these two big teams will suffer greatly if the match is abandoned. Next, there is a 52 percent chance of rain at St. Vincent's Stadium. A match between australia and afghanistan is going to be held here. The weather forecast has said that there is a 20 percent chance of rain at the Antigua Stadium ahead of the India-Bangladesh match. Apart from the matches played by india, there is also rain in the matches played by other teams. Almost 80 percent of the matches in the Super 8 round will be affected to some extent by rain.
After this, the international cricket Council, which is running the series, is under severe pressure. Already some matches in the group stage were abandoned due to rain. Only the England-Namibia match was affected by rain and later overs were marked and successfully played. In all the other matches, it rained before the match and the matches were abandoned due to standing water on the pitch even though it did not rain during the match. That's how poor the stadiums are in maintenance and development. Many have pointed this out. Especially when it rains, they only cover the pitch with a cover. Rainwater accumulates in the outfield areas around it. It can also be covered with a cover to prevent rainwater from accumulating. But pitches in the US and the west indies remain without the money to buy more covers. The international cricket Council should help in procuring more cover for those stadiums by predicting the impact of rain in advance. But, they didn't do it. Many people are criticizing by pointing this out. The indian team will be empty if jaiswal is made to play in a hurry. The former player warned rohit sharma that if the matches are canceled due to rain in the Super 8 round, both teams will be awarded one point. If such a situation occurs, major teams like india, australia, England, and south africa will be severely affected. So the main teams will lose the chance to advance to the semi-finals. Right now, the All cricket Council has lost its request to purchase more covers and cover the ground to protect the grounds from rain.

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