Renu Desai, the first wife of Pawan Kalyan, recently discussed their divorce. The actress and the current deputy chief minister of andhra pradesh were wed for three years before divorcing in 2012. Even though Pawan went on and was married twice more in the future, supporters continued to support him and Renu. She is also the target of trolling from certain fans for divorcing the star. renu decided to silence the trolls with a confession, even if she had been ignoring them.
In a remark on one of Renu's instagram posts, a fan of pawan kalyan accused her of lacking patience when she was married to the actor. “You should have been more patient, sister-in-law. You misunderstood someone like a god. Perhaps now you realize his worth. But I’m glad the kids are with Pawan Kalyan,” the fan wrote in Telugu, as translated by M9 News.

Renu became enraged and yelled at the fan. She disclosed that Pawan, not herself, was the one who ended the marriage. “If you had an ounce of intelligence, you wouldn’t make such a foolish comment. He was the one who left me and remarried, not the other way around. Please refrain from such comments; they only torment me,” she replied.

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