In the bustling corridors of New Delhi's political theater, a dramatic plot twist has emerged. Congress's rahul gandhi, who was widely anticipated to don the mantle of the leader of the Opposition in the 18th lok sabha, seems to have other plans. It's as if he’s decided to take on the role of the elusive protagonist in a political thriller, constantly keeping everyone guessing.

Rahul gandhi, whose Bharat Jodo yatra (which might as well have been called the "Gandhi Grand Tour") was credited for the congress party's improved performance in the recent lok sabha polls, is apparently not keen on the high-profile job. Despite garnering 99 of the opposition's 232 seats – a significant leap from their past performances – rahul seems to be playing hard to get. You’d think after all that walking, he’d be happy to sit down, but no.

Instead, three other party stalwarts – Kumari Selja, Gaurav Gogoi, and manish Tiwari – have found themselves in the running for the post. Think of them as the contenders in a political reality show where the prize is a cabinet rank and the chance to spar with the bjp in the Lok Sabha. Who will get the coveted chair? Tune in next week.

The job of leader of the Opposition would have allowed rahul to better coordinate with allies in the india bloc and project a formidable front against the BJP. But sources say rahul has shied away from responsibility since he stepped down from the congress chief's post after the party’s poor showing in 2019. It’s like he’s mastered the art of the strategic retreat – a game of political hide and seek.

In another surprising twist, rahul has decided to represent his mother sonia Gandhi's constituency, Raebareli, in parliament. This means he’s giving up Wayanad, which could now see priyanka gandhi Vadra stepping into the electoral fray. It's as if the gandhi family is doing a complex dance, switching partners and constituencies with an elegance that keeps everyone on their toes.

So, stay tuned as the drama unfolds. Will rahul take up the mantle after all? Will Kumari Selja, Gaurav Gogoi, or manish Tiwari emerge as the new face of the opposition? Will priyanka gandhi Vadra contest from Wayanad? One thing's for sure: in the world of indian politics, the script is always subject to change.

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