Chandrababu's gratitude for Pawan Kalyan..!!

- Jana Sena's role in bringing the tdp back to power.
- The post of Deputy Speaker is also in Jana Sena's account.
- pawan kalyan intends to give priority to the women leaders of Janasena.

It is known that Chandrababu is giving immense importance to Jana Sena, the alliance party that has shared in TDP's victory in AP. In fact, even from the arrest of Chandrababu till the election, the Jana Sena also stood by the tdp in every way. Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan has taken steps to oust the jagan government. In this process, he also convinced the bjp after facing many difficulties. Finally TDP-BJP-Janasena alliance went to the elections. The tdp leaders commented that if Jana Sena had not made this effort, the situation would have been different. It should be said that the Jana Sena's role in bringing the tdp to power as well as bringing the party back to power. In this order, Chandrababu is also giving special priority to that party. The coalition government has given three ministerial posts. In particular, janasena leader Pawan was also given the post of Deputy CM.
And now Chandrababu has given priority to janasena in the assembly and honored him appropriately. Chandrababu, who almost chose Ayyanna Patra of tdp as the Speaker, is trying to give the post of vice-president to Jana Sena. He almost finalized this too. With this, one of the candidates elected on behalf of the Jana Sena will get the position of vice president. Although it is not a constitutional post, it is noteworthy that it is a preferred position.

According to the current estimates, the name of kakinada Rural mla Pantam Nanaji, who won from the Jana Sena, is being heard for this post. However, pawan kalyan intends to give priority to the women leaders of Janasena. It is reported that Lokam madhavi is considering the name for this post. However, by reserving this post for janasena, Chandrababu understood the priority.

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