Happiness in the eyes of the grandparents due to Chandrababu..!!

*Babu has the credit of increasing the pensions in AP.
* There is happiness in the eyes of the grandparents.
* Babu is sure to be the number one cm if he provides excellent governance.

AP cm Chandrababu Naidu's decision to distribute increased pensions in the state from July 1 is being appreciated. Grandparents of the state along with arrears will get a pension of Rs 7000 on 1st July. Volunteers will distribute pensions at the rate of 4000 rupees every month from august 1. Comments are being heard that Chandrababu stood by his grandparents like a son. Chandrababu, who had previously increased the pension from 200 rupees to 1000 rupees, later increased the amount to 2000 rupees. Even though Jagan's pension has been increased, criticism has been expressed regarding the increase in installments. The comments show that the eyes of the grandparents are shining with happiness in the background of receiving a pension of around 4,000 rupees every month.
Opinions are being expressed that no matter how much Chandrababu is appreciated for the increase in pensions. There is widespread joy over the implementation of key promises announced by chandrababu naidu as soon as the party came to power. Chandrababu has massively increased the number of pensions for the disabled, kidney patients, and those confined to bed.

The comments show that only Chandrababu was able to treat the elderly with such pity, kindness, and compassion. It remains to be seen whether chandrababu naidu will implement more good schemes get praise in the coming days and provide excellent governance that people will appreciate. netizens are appreciating Babu's decisions. On the other hand, there are comments that it would be good if the volunteers who resigned were also reinstated. Volunteers need to know when the increased salary will be implemented. They are very happy that the telugu desam party is giving due value to the activists too.

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