The authors of kalki 2898 AD have finally woken up and provided interesting news as the release date draws near. With the release of the teaser and the lead song, Bhairava Anthem, filmmaker nag ashwin is prepared to immerse viewers in his grandiose production, which stars Prabhas. The makers of the movie have decided to release a series of brief video peeks called The Prelude Of kalki 2898 AD to raise anticipation for the film's premiere.

The work that went into making the movie behind the scenes will be seen in these films. The first installment of The Prelude of kalki 2898 AD was released recently. According to Nag Ashwin, kalki 2898 AD starts where the epic Mahabharat concludes. He refers to kalki as a "Mahabharata Sequel."

He explains how his imaginative interpretation of Kaliyug unfolds, fusing ideas from mythology with a global perspective. Drawing from old Puranas and epics, nag ashwin views kalki 2898 AD as the "FINAL END." He spent five years crafting the plot, examining themes of light, darkness, and humanity's fate.

Social media responses indicate that the effect of this prelude is greater than that of the trailer. It more accurately captures Nag Ashwin's vision for the movie than any other advertising material. It strikes a deep chord and establishes a meaningful connection with those who value Hindu dharma. I got chills reading Nag Ashwin's discussion on indian mythology, our Puranas, and the Mahabharata. Many believe that much earlier dissemination and promotion of this promotional material was warranted. Is it too late now? If not, it's still better than never!

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