A few months back, a troubling video of a young lady crying during a police raid at a lodge while under the influence of narcotics became popular on social media. The results of the inquiry showed that this formerly intelligent student had become a victim of drug dealers who exploited her as a conduit for their illicit goods.

Peer pressure and financial hardships are two factors that are increasingly luring young women into drug smuggling. Clever agents entice them with promises of safe passage past police inspections, drawing them into a dangerous web of lies. For example, a recent nellore engineering graduate traveled to hyderabad on friends' advice only to get entangled in drug-related activities.

She bought marijuana in Dhoolpet out of desperation, and excise police arrested her there. Similarly, an instagram contact led a Musheerabad woman who was experiencing insomnia and life's stresses to learn about LSD pills. Together, they traversed Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Goa. There, he took advantage of her weakness and enlisted her in the drug trade. Eventually, authorities apprehended them in possession of cocaine valued at Rs 1,00,000, highlighting the alarming increase in drug offenses that take advantage of weaker women.
Shocking information has surfaced during recent police interrogations, including the story of a young woman who was forced into drug trafficking by using incriminating images and videos that she had shot while under the influence of alcohol. It was also discovered that she had been introduced to MDMA under the pretense of protein supplements by a coach she met at the gym. According to police data, over 40 out of every 100 women who are found abusing drugs say that their motivation stems from family problems and financial difficulties.
 Women are increasingly being targeted by this epidemic, which has spread to social media, businesses, and educational institutions. Smugglers from nigeria and international traffickers take advantage of girls' gullibility by hiding narcotics in commonplace things like laundry detergent and cosmetics. To avoid being discovered while travelling, they also make use of buses and private automobiles.



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