Mom-to-be deepika padukone makes a big entrance at the kalki 2898 AD pre-release event in Mumbai, looking lovely. A widely shared video from the occasion has main actor prabhas and senior actor amitabh bachchan scurrying to assist deepika in leaving the stage. It was a funny scene when Big B teased prabhas for not catching her hand first.

Deepika Padukone was courteous in attending, as movie stars usually act out before becoming part of marketing. deepika believed it was her duty to support her project and its crew even though she was in her third pregnancy. Given her pregnancy, she could have easily missed the event and nobody would have been upset. She did, however, believe that it was her duty to work with her team to market the movie and connect with her audience. Her competence was evident.
Deepika talked about her experience working with filmmaker nag ashwin during the occasion, describing it as an amazing learning opportunity. "It's been an amazing experience," As Mr. Bachchan stated, this is a whole other universe. We went through several stages of figuring out the plot of this film, but I believe that now everyone can see the magic that exists in Nagi's brain. 
The experience has been amazing on a personal and professional level, the woman remarked. deepika was going to leave the platform after her speech when prabhas and amitabh came to her aid. Big B was outdone by prabhas, who assisted deepika by holding her hand. Big B, who was standing just behind prabhas, chastised him, which made the crowd and performers giggle.

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