As of thursday morning, the number of people killed in the hooch catastrophe in Kallakurichi, tamil Nadu, has risen to 34. Approximately 100 people were hospitalised, five of them were in severe condition. tuesday night, the majority of the victims drank the fake alcohol at Karunapuram in Kallakurichi. They were admitted to the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical education and Research (JIPMER) in Puducherry, hospitals in salem and Villupuram, and the Kallakurichi government Medical college and Hospital on wednesday, when the effects of the bogus alcohol began to take effect.

Among the dead were a transgender individual and two women. On wednesday night, a large number of the victims passed away, while more than 60 others were treated at
According to sources, the official death toll could be underestimated because a number of people apparently passed away before arriving to hospitals.
M S Prasanth, the district collector for Kallakurichi, paid the hospitalised victims a visit, providing assistance and overseeing the medical response.

M K stalin, the chief minister, conveyed his astonishment and sadness over the occurrence and stressed how important it is to prosecute those accountable.
"When I learned that individuals in Kallakurichi had died from drinking tainted alcohol, I was both astonished and heartbroken. All of the criminals have been taken into custody. stalin added in a statement, "Action has also been taken against officials who failed to prevent it." He promised swift action and harsh punishments for anybody who knew of any illegal alcohol businesses, and he invited the public to submit any information they may have. He went on, "Such crimes that destroy society will be suppressed with an iron fist."

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