According to the reactions from Telangana's power distribution companies, this small but incredibly swift tribe of lizards has suddenly emerged as a danger to the state's uninterrupted power supply.

Over the past few days, the telangana Southern Power Distribution Corporation Limited (TGSPDCL) and Northern Power Distribution Corporation Limited (TGNPDCL) have shared images of dead lizards stuck on horn gap (HG) fuses and distribution transformers, accusing the small reptiles of causing unexpected power outages across the State, from Hyderabad's Cyber City Circle to the jagtial district.

The public is responding to the power utilities' responses on social media, particularly on microblogging site X, with sarcastic remarks. They are pointing out the frequent power outages and questioning why, during the BRS regime, lizards were not a threat and have now started jumping onto transformers and fuses. The discoms' replies mostly follow the same pattern. For example, in response to a complaint on Thursday, the DE Technical Cybercity, TGSPDCL, shared a photograph of a lizard on a DTR and said, "Sir, supply restored." A lizard tumbled upon DTR.

This occurred following a post made by a software employee regarding power outages around five in the morning. From its end, the TGSPDCL reacted promptly, dispatching a technician to the location without delay.
The technician stated that "two lizards were fighting on the transformer" as the cause of the power outage.
But the problem was fixed. Another user, alluding to previous incidents in which electricity providers have approached the police to press charges against complainants, said that if the complainant hadn't stated that the problem had been rectified, an FIR would have been filed against him.

The complaint responded, saying, "The technician requested that the tweet be deleted. I replied, "I won't delete, but I will tweet my gratitude for the prompt service and fix." It benefits us both equally. This was not the first time that representatives from the State's distribution corporations have claimed that power outages were caused by lizards dropping on DTRs.
In response to a complaint on june 18 regarding no power at Sri Sai Durga nagar Colony, AE, Chilkanagar posted on X: "Due to a lizard falling on the DTR and blowing off the HG fuse, the 11 KV Indira nagar feeder tripped, interrupting the supply." We apologize for the inconvenience. Likewise, on june 9, SE OP secunderabad shared a picture of a transformer and stated, "Power interruption on 11 KV Krishna nagar feeder due to lizard fell on DTR HG fuse at Krishna nagar and rectified." We regret the inconvenience.




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