IND vs AFG: That trick of the indian team..!?

The indian team defeated the afghanistan team by 47 runs in the 2024 t20 world cup series. In this match, the afghanistan team performed well only in bowling. However, the indian team scored up to 181 runs as suryakumar yadav could not be controlled in the middle overs. The extra runs added to the tension for Afghanistan. More importantly, the indian players stuck to a plan while bowling. That is, under no circumstances should indian players show any tension or agitation in their body language, and they should be very calm and composed. afghanistan players trembled after seeing the indian bowler. afghanistan players are naturally under the impression that the indian team is strong. If it is followed as it is, the Afghan team will fail due to pressure. Taking full advantage of it, the indian team never changed their body language under any circumstances. Likewise, wicket falls are not celebrated too much. Also, the Afghan players were afraid of Bumrah. They were stumped as they could not score any runs off his delivery. Out of the 24 balls bowled by Bumrah, they bowled 20 dot balls in fear of losing the wicket. That's why their run rate took a huge hit. As Bumrah's overs failed to score runs despite the other bowlers' overs, the run rate afghanistan needed to win soared every over. Therefore, the Afghan team, unable to withstand the pressure of run rate, scored only 134 runs in 20 overs and lost all the wickets. After this, the indian team won easily by 47 runs.

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