Indian celebrities frequently use their influence to further international commercial endeavors. While shilpa shetty has stock in London's "V8 Gourmet Group," sachin tendulkar has spread his stakes over several restaurants across the globe. In a similar vein, priyanka chopra has made a name for herself in several business fields in addition to her lucrative acting profession. In the Flatiron district of New York City, she co-owned SONA, an upscale indian restaurant, and launched Purple Pebble Pictures, a production business.
After barely three years of existence, SONA shuttered, despite early success and accolades for its gourmet cuisine and cultural setting. priyanka chopra and Maneesh K. Goyal co-founded the restaurant in 2021, and Chopra left the company at the same time that it closed in 2023.

Although the official statement said that the amicable divorce was intended to free Chopra up to pursue his wider global objectives, rumors, and conjecture suggested that there were underlying conflicts, unanticipated losses, or operational difficulties. Following the incident, Goyal and Chopra both made public statements expressing thanks and respect for one another's cooperation.

Goyal talked positively about his collaboration with Chopra, calling it a "dream come true," and he was excited about what each of them was doing going forward. priyanka chopra is still looking for new chances in a variety of industries, thanks to her worldwide reach and passion for entrepreneurship, even after Sona closed.


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