Expert burglary gangs are drawing to hyderabad as a result of the city's visibility in the media and praise for its IT corridors and corporate centers.
Renowned gangs from remote villages in different indian States are coming to the metropolis to commit theft. Gangs such as the Irani, Dhar, Bawaria, and Chaddi have been active in the city and have been committing several crimes in recent months. While the investigation is ongoing in certain situations, the gang members were apprehended in the majority of cases.

According to v Arvind Babu, DCP (Crimes), Rachakonda, gangs are constantly migrating and committing crimes in different places, especially metro areas. These are organized groupings of professional gang members. They carry out carefully thought-out crimes against wealthy or middle-class households, he claimed, and they quickly flee the city after committing many crimes. According to a police spokesman, criminals prefer to target southern cities when stealing gold chains since ladies there tend to wear more gold jewelry.
Many gangs from rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and madhya pradesh have been engaged in criminal activity for many years.

Bawaria Gang
The Bawarias are a nomadic clan from Uttar Pradesh that is implicated in several crimes around the country.
Chain snatching is a notorious trait of Bawarias. The gang's strategy is for its members to go by train, whereupon they take a motorbike. After that, they start robbing ladies in remote locations by chain grabbing them, parking their car somewhere abandoned, and either fleeing to another city or seeking safety elsewhere.

Some gangs rely on a local connection to help them avoid capture and retain their stolen goods. There is also a sizable Bawaria population in rajasthan and Haryana. According to police records, the group has a reputation for targeting homes near roadways or railway tracks to carry out thefts or robberies.

Chaddi Gang
Members of the Chaddi Baniyan gang operate in only their pants, coating themselves in mud or oil to hide their identity, and wearing face masks. They congregate during the day in transport hubs or vacant urban areas. To locate possible homes to loot, they pose as regular workers or beggars. The criminals try robbing many houses before moving on to another location.

Dhar Gang
Over time, the Dhar gang—most of whose members are from the Dhar area of Madhya Pradesh—spread over several districts in both madhya pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The Dhar area is notorious for its illicit arms production facilities and smuggling networks.

The gang visits a neighborhood in small groups of three to five people, spends the day in an open area, and investigates the target homes. They take alcohol, break into secured homes with hand tools and other weapons, and make their getaway with valuables. The gang often operates in shared autorickshaws and performs crimes between 12 midnight and 4 am to evade detection. When the occupants of the houses attempt to resist, they occasionally utilize weapons to scale the compound wall of the houses and assault them.

Irani Gang
The gang is well-known for its methods of chain snatching, disguising itself as law enforcement or high government officials, and deceiving naive victims. It is said to have its base in a few isolated areas of karnataka and Maharashtra. The group speaks Telugu, Hindi, and even english with ease. After identifying possible victims, the gang members pose as amiable police officers and approach them in a remote area.
They advise the victim to take off their valuables and cover it with a handkerchief or cover under the guise of giving them advice on how to keep it secure. Then, when one of the gang members draws the victim's attention elsewhere, they attack.




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