On Friday, the Cyberabad traffic police and the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) arranged a cluster meeting with IT and ITES enterprises in Gachibowli's Phoenix Infocity and Raidurgam's Sattva Knowledge City. The main goal of the conference, which was presided over by D. Joel Davis, Joint Commissioner (Traffic), Cyberabad, was to talk about practical methods for reducing traffic in the busy IT corridor.

Joel Davis and representatives from IT firms presented their plans to enhance traffic flow in the IT hub during the conference. To handle the escalating traffic issues, they underlined the significance of cooperative efforts between law enforcement authorities and corporate entities.
Stacked work schedules, the use of traffic marshals, carpooling, centralized transportation, and crisis management exercises are just a few of the important topics covered throughout the discussion.
To guarantee readiness and a successful reaction in an emergency, officials emphasized the necessity of routine crisis management exercises. The intention of putting these techniques into practice is to improve residents' and workers' overall commuter experiences. The primary agenda of the meeting was to discuss effective strategies for traffic decongestion in the bustling IT corridor. Stay tuned for more updates.

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