Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round for the tale of the first assembly session in andhra pradesh, where the drama is hotter than a summer day in Amaravati!

Picture this: cm chandrababu naidu strides into the assembly with the confidence of a man who just found a secret stash of biryani. He kicks things off by declaring, "A developed andhra pradesh is the dream of all of us!" Yes, folks, we’re all dreaming of Wi-Fi in our cowsheds and self-driving tractors.

Next up, Naidu drops a bombshell of a tribute to Ayanna Patrudi, whom he dubs a "firebrand forever." No, Ayanna isn't a new spicy snack; he's the political powerhouse with the dedication of a cricket fan during an India-Pakistan match. Chandrababu hails him as a "hardened yellow soldier," and I'm not talking about a Minion here.

The session starts with Protem Speaker Butchaiah Chaudhary, who might as well have been wielding a magical staff, as he administered the oath to the newly minted MLAs. Then, like a plot twist in a soap opera, Ayanna Patrudi is unanimously elected as Speaker. Cue the dramatic music!

Chandrababu, with a twinkle in his eye and a dash of nostalgia, tells the assembly that Ayanna considered the party as his mother-in-law—affectionate yet terrifying. For 43 years, Ayanna played the political game with the sincerity of a monk and the strategy of a chess grandmaster. Naidu then reveals that Ayanna faced dozens of false accusations, including the wildest ones like kidnapping aliens and stealing candy from babies. Despite these, Ayanna fought like a superhero in a yellow cape, earning the people's trust and landing in the assembly.

As if this weren't enough, Naidu recalls the past assembly sessions that were like scenes from a chaotic family reunion—insults flying, chairs almost flipping, and dignity getting lost faster than Wi-Fi at a rural wedding. Naidu's family endured insults that would make a stand-up comedian blush, and they weren't even allowed to retort. But like the hero of an epic saga, Naidu vowed to return to the assembly as Chief Minister—and here he is, fulfilling that promise.

So, buckle up, andhra pradesh, because with chandrababu naidu and Ayanna Patrudi at the helm, this political rollercoaster is just getting started!

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