Following waves of raids on eateries, food outlets, sauce and pickle-making facilities, PGs, and hostels, the telangana Food Safety Department conducted raids on supermarkets in hyderabad on Friday, june 21, and discovered many breaches.

FSSAI license number expired
The agency stated that the FSSAI license number on Nutriwala Brand food items, including sprouts, baby corn, and mushrooms, at D-Mart in Vanasthalipuram, was discovered to be "inactive and expired." It stated, "The supermarket has voluntarily removed and disposed of those articles immediately."

“FSSAI license true copy was displayed at the office premises. 5 Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) trained supervisors were available at the said premises. SR Foods Vendor was found to be supplying Soya Paneer with an incorrect license. Damaged and expired goods were properly segregated and kept separately in designated areas as per the rules. Medical Fitness Certificates for food handlers and pest control records were available with FBO,” the department said.

Medical Fitness Certificates missing
The Food business Operator (FBO) of balaji Mart Enterprises (B-Mart), Turkayamjal, did not have pest control records or medical fitness certificates for food handlers.

"A true copy of the FSSAI license was on display at the billing counter." The department further stated that improper labeling led to the seizure of packaged food items such as moong daal (52 kg), idly rawa (208 kg), ragi flour (5 kg), and Urad gota (150 kg).
Supermarkets, which provide a large selection of goods to customers under one roof, have completely changed Hyderabad's retail scene. The infractions call into question the standards upheld by the institutions concerning patron health.


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