Cars n coffee Hyderabad staged a car meet on sunday morning that brought over 300 automobiles and motorcycles to the Imperial Garden, turning the area into a hotspot for automotive aficionados. Since june 2023, this passionate group of car enthusiasts has been hosting these gatherings. It was their second gathering of 2024.
A wide variety of vehicles, from contemporary sports cars and motorcycles to historic vintage automobiles, were on display during the meet-up. The sight of some amazing automobiles, such as a ferrari 488, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Chevy Impala, APX 110 1939 Packard, and many more, delighted enthusiasts.
One of the admins of Cars n coffee Hyderabad, Aamer Khan, is a well-known member who summed up the purpose of these gatherings by saying, "Cars n coffee Hyderabad is a platform for all car enthusiasts." It's a location where they can show off their valuable cars, socialize with other enthusiasts, and enjoy themselves.
Excitation and companionship permeated the air as like-minded people shared tales, observations, and appreciation for the machines that brought them together. Talk topics included everything from technical specifics and restoration tales to road trip stories in common. The beauty of automobile crafts was also honored during the event. For those in attendance, it was a day filled with anecdotes, roaring engines, and an overwhelming enthusiasm for cars across the Imperial Garden.


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