In telugu politics, nara lokesh will always be associated with his unexpected rise to prominence as a mass leader capable of uniting both veterans and newcomers in a party. He triumphed over mangalagiri with an unprecedented majority, despite a harsh disinformation campaign by Jagan's IPAC. In short, lokesh embodied the modern-day version of rahul Gandhi.

Information Technology, Electronics & Communications, and Real-Time Governance were the several ministries that lokesh was given responsibility for. He will start working as a minister at the secretariat at around ten in the morning today. Following the formation of the new administration, he held Praja darbar in mangalagiri nonstop for many days while formulating some very important suggestions for the replacement or appointment of bureaucrats in critical positions to advance the goals of the new government.

From 2017 until 2019, nara lokesh served as a minister in the government of Chandrababu Naidu. He joined Naidu's cabinet as an MLC at the time and did not run for office as an MLA. At the time, he received many awards from the central government and was the best-performing Minister. However, lokesh ignored Jagan's hateful rhetoric after that. Consequently, in 2019 he lost his first election from Mangalagiri. He walked 3132 km with the party cadre, which helped him become more proficient in speech and academics and establish himself as a leader.

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