Finally, the epic film kalki 2898 AD is making its premiere this week. With its mytho-sci-fi flair, it offers an experience that india has never had before. After pouring blood and sweat into kalki, the producers aswani dutt and his daughters, swapna and priyanka dutt of vyjayanthi Movies, have every reason to expect that it becomes a huge hit.

However, the box office performance of this movie is vital for the business. This year, hardly a single film has been successful outside of Hanuman and Tillu Square; the majority have tanked due to poor quality material and ended up on OTT platforms before people even realised they were in theatres. When a huge celebrity and a high-budget movie work together, it instantly energises the industry and gets people excited about going to see more movies in theatres.
 Tollywood and the industry are currently in a stale condition since politics is the focus of the public's attention. With a star like prabhas and a movie this size, people may return their focus to movies. The film's producers will come under fire if it bombs since they increased ticket costs and turned watching films into a luxury. But a movie this size would not last at regular costs. 
Ultimately, everything hinges on director Nag Ashwin producing content that is exceptional and devoid of any space for criticism. We hope that a new prospective Pan-India director emerges this week, as we have already said.


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