The actress rashmika mandanna has had a successful career in the South, and although she is enjoying success with each movie that she does, her ultimate goal is for everyone to watch The Girlfriend. She is particularly excited for the film that has Mandanna in the lead role and puts her at the centre of everything. Furthermore, it appears that she has forged a strong relationship with rahul Ravindran, the film's director.
 When Mandanna's birthday came around in April, the director wrote her a special message. Now, on the occasion of Ravindran's birthday, Mandanna sent him the cutest birthday wishes. 

Posting a candid image of herself and the director as well, as she wrote, “Rahulaaaaaaa..izzzz yoooo burrrdaaaayyyyy!!! How happy and proud of you I am.. You deserve all the love and happiness, you deserve EVERYTHING!!you sir have opened a door for me in my craft that I didn’t realise I had it in me..this world is a better place to live in with you in it..THANK YOU.”-

Under the umbrellas of geetha Arts, mass movie Makers, and Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment, Allu Arvind, Sreenivasa Kumar, and Dheeraj Mogilineni jointly bankrolled the film, which is directed by rahul Ravindran. rashmika is promoting The Girlfriend as a thriller directed by her alone. Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and kannada are the five languages in which rashmika has dubbed for the teaser.

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