Janasena's important role in parliament meetings..!?

* There are only two janasena MPs.
* Janasena's role is very crucial.
* Exploiting closeness with Modi.

The janasena party seems to be gaining momentum in andhra pradesh state. The janasena party, which got a 100% strike rate in the assembly and parliament elections held yesterday, is not backing down. It is strong with 21 MLAs and two MPs. But it is in this background, that parliament meetings are going to be held from this. But in these parliament meetings, Janasena's role is very crucial.
The presence of the nda government at the center, and the closeness of janasena chief pawan kalyan to prime minister Narendra Modi is the factor that brings the janasena party together. In the current situation, the Modi government is ready to give whatever the Jana Sena party demands. So Jana Sena party should work with a 100% strike rate in these parliament meetings. Funds due to ap should be asked at the platform of Parliament.

Two MPs won from janasena party. In it, senior mp Vallabhaneni Balashouri and uday won as kakinada MP. Both of them should go forward together with telugu desam party leaders. Andhra Pradesh's voice should be heard loudly. Jana Sena MPs should question the fulfillment of partition promises. If someone like pawan kalyan comes into politics, parliament should also be agitated. Funds should be collected for Polavaram. Special funds should be allocated for the capital. Also, funds should be requested for the development of ports in AP. It should be questioned that the repairs of the roads are done by the central government. The Center should be asked to ensure a smooth water supply between telangana and AP. In the background of janasena MPs entering the parliament for the first time. We should fight 100% for ap so that it goes down in history.

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