In telugu politics, it is customary to title welfare schemes after the ruling elite. 2019–24 saw jagan Mohan reddy go beyond mere projects and offend the legendary. He changed the name of ntr Health university and put his father ysr in place of Abdul Kalam for a Rushikonda beach viewpoint. For the program that reimburses the entire tuition for pupils from low-income social and economic backgrounds, he substituted his name for Ambedkar's.

That being said, the chandrababu naidu government takes great care while renaming things. The initiatives from his 2014–2019 term are being renamed by the Chief Minister. As a result, ysr Vidyonnathi became ntr Vidyonnathi, ysr Kalyana Masthu became Chandranna Pelli Kanuka, and Jagananna Videshi vidya Deevena became Ambedkar Overseas vidya Nidhi. It should be emphasized that the programs implemented during Jagan's administration were given generic names rather than names after Chandrababu Naidu.

The programs Jagananna vidya Deevena, Jagananna Vasathi Deevena, and Jagananna Civil services Protasahakam are designated as Post Matric Scholarships, Incentives for Civil services Exams scheme, women SAFETY APP, and school Infrastructure Improvement, respectively. That implies that while chandrababu naidu will make sure these projects continue, neither his nor NTR's names will appear on them. Additionally, ntr Health University's name was retracted by the cabinet.

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