Allu arjun shocked the JSP fan base and the whole superfamily just before the andhra pradesh elections when he met with ycp Nandhyal candidate Silpa ravi Chandra Reddy. He made his complete support of the ycp candidate known throughout a fierce political campaign that left many hurting. In this particular scenario, allu aravind seems to have begun mitigating the negative effects of Allu Arjun's activities before the election.

Yesterday, allu aravind and the tollywood production group met with Pawan Kalyan, the deputy chief minister. After that, he gave a glowing review of pawan kalyan and Chandrababu to the media. aravind even declared that he would soon be congratulating Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan. This prompted remarks on social media indicating that aravind wants to win back the trust of the TDP+ administration following Allu Arjun's support of a ycp candidate before the elections.

By the way, a lot of YouTube thumbnails and twitter memes have already been made on the details of allu aravind and Pawan Kalyan's meeting. allu aravind apologizes to pawan kalyan in most of these thumbnails for his son Allu Arjun's activities prior to the polls. It goes without saying that this is the result of creative imagination on social media, but we can still discern the general public's sentiment towards the Allu household and its relationship to the Kutami government.

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