The governing aam aadmi party said that delhi Water minister Atishi has stopped her extended hunger strike after receiving early hospital admission on tuesday due to a deterioration in her health. Atishi's blood sugar plummeted to 36, therefore she was brought to the Lok nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital on admission.
According to the AAP, Atishi's blood sugar levels fell to 36 at 3 am after falling to 43 at midnight. The AAP party also released pictures and videos showing the late-night hospitalization of the party's head. Sanjay Singh, an AAP MP, stated that the party would write to prime minister Narendra Modi and bring up the water situation in delhi in parliament with the opposition parties.

"Atishi was on a hunger strike for 5 days. Her health was deteriorating. Doctors had been asking her to break the strike. Her health started worsening last night... Her lowest sugar level was 36. Doctors suggested that she had to be admitted immediately otherwise she might lose her life... She was admitted to LNJP at 3.30 - 4 am in the ICU... She is still in the ICU... We are also writing to the PM to release Delhi's water... The indefinite hunger strike is being stopped, but we will raise our voice in the Parliament..," sanjay singh said.

For the previous four days, Atishi had been on an indefinite hunger strike in protest of the haryana government's failure to provide 100 million gallons of water per day (MGD), which was causing a water crisis in the nation's capital. She insisted that delhi be given its due share of water from Haryana. After examining Atishi on Monday, medical professionals at LNJP Hospital recommended that she be hospitalized because of the negative health consequences of her prolonged hunger strike.

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