Putin praises PM Modi, saying, "You Devoted Whole Life..."

Prime minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Monday night for a "private engagement" at the latter's official residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. During their conversation, Putin complimented Modi on his commitment to the advancement of his nation and his lifelong service to the indian people. Vladimir Putin congratulated prime minister Modi on his reelection to office during an unofficial meeting outside of Moscow. This is not an accident; I think it's the result of your years of work.

You are an independent thinker. "You are a very motivated person who can achieve things for india and the indian people," said Putin. India's economy is unquestionably the third largest in the world. Putin was quoted as stating, "The outcome is evident," by the state-run Tass news agency.

India's people can sense that Modi has dedicated his entire life to serving them, according to the president of Russia. In response, Modi discussed the most recent general elections and claimed that the indian people had given him "a chance to serve Motherland." Putin stated, "You have dedicated your entire life to serving the indian people, and they can sense it." According to Tass, Modi answered, "You are right, I have only one goal: It is the people and my country."

On monday night, the two chiefs of state had a casual tea party at the official home outside of Moscow, during which Putin gave prime minister Modi a ride in an electric vehicle. The two leaders conversed in private for a short moment while walking through the garden, but they largely talked through interpreters.

Prime minister Modi thanked President Putin in a post on X for having him visit Novo-Ogaryovo. "Seeing ahead to our discussions tomorrow as well, which will undoubtedly go a long way in strengthening the relationships of friendship between india and russia," he stated. This is prime minister Modi's first trip to russia since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. The prime minister stated that india wants to have a "supportive role" in promoting stability and peace in the region during his farewell speech.


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