Potholes at the Errakunta intersection on Pahadishareef Road, also known as the srisailam Highway, continue to be a common source of trouble for drivers. Nearly a year has passed since the half-kilometer-long road was destroyed. The issue is especially severe during the rainy season because of the prolonged stagnation of water in this area.
A local businessman named Abdullah has expressed dissatisfaction with the road's alignment with the srisailam Highway and the large potholes and craters on one of the service roads leading to the RGI Airport. For months, driving on the road continues to be a terrible experience for drivers. Two-wheel riders occasionally lose their balance and tumble," he said to Siasat.com.
Locals blame poor roads for a large number of traffic accidents. At this location, there is one fatal traffic accident every two weeks. Two-wheelers are unable to sustain a single speed on uneven roads, and large cars that are following a motorbike may knock it down, killing the rider or seriously injuring them, according to shopkeeper Shamshuddin.

For drivers, the lack of street lighting makes nighttime driving more difficult. Potholes are often poorly visible at night, which causes many motorbike riders to fall and sustain injuries. Large holes on the road surface frequently cause damage to car engines, according to auto driver Razaq.
Many gripe that even high-quality shock absorbers are unable to fully cushion the impact of landing in large craters. "I had back problems from driving on the uneven road surface on a daily basis. A older person voiced dissatisfaction, saying, "At least now the government should wake up and take up restoration and repair works."
When contacted, a Jalpally municipality official stated that the road laying had been put out to bid and that construction would shortly start.

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