Due to a labour trafficking scheme, Princeton police in the state of texas are searching for people who may be of telugu heritage. As a result of the police operation, which started in march of this year, arrest warrants were issued on Monday. According to Princeton police, on march 13, someone reported a "suspicious circumstance" and a welfare concern, prompting the deployment of officers to a house in Collin County on the 1000 block of Ginsburg Lane.

Princeton police got a search warrant for the home of Santhosh Katkoori, an NRI, during the course of their investigation into the complaint. Within the residence, fifteen women testified that Katkoori and his spouse, dwaraka Gunda, had compelled them to work for a number of front firms.
The victims, who comprised both men and women, were programmers, according to the investigators. Several computers, phones, printers, and phoney papers were found during the house search.

More laptops, phones, and papers were later taken from several places, according to Princeton police, who also claimed they later determined that the forced labour operation encompassed many locations in the cities of Princeton, Melissa, and McKinney.
The addresses of those other sites and information on the type of programming work performed for the couple's purported shell firms were omitted from the police statement.
Princeton police stated on monday that arrest warrants had been filed for four persons who are currently accused of the second-degree felony of human trafficking after detectives analysed all of the equipment seized and determined the nature of the operation.

The accused were identified by the police as Santhosh Katkoori, age 31, dwaraka Gunda, age 31, Chandan Dasireddy, age 24, and Anil Male, age 37, all of Melissa. A statement from the Princeton police stated that it is unknown if any of the four accused had hired lawyers to represent them.
The investigation is still ongoing, according to the police, and more charges against other persons are still pending. The Princeton police Department was urged to be contacted by anybody who had knowledge of the trafficking organisation or who had been the victim of trafficking.


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