In a petition to establish national policy requiring menstruation breaks for female employees, the supreme court of india rendered a decision. The union government was ordered by the court to draft a model policy. The petition was filed stating that two states in the nation provide leaves of absence for menstruation, and it asked the court to enforce the regulation nationwide.

Judges jb Pardiwala and Manoj Misra, together with Chief Justice DY Chandrachud of india, stated that this is a policy matter and should not be decided by the courts. The justices also stated that granting women menstruation leave might have the unintended negative effect of discouraging women from being hired by businesses.

The court asked, "How will this leave help more women join the workforce?" The justices instructed the Ministry of women and Child Development secretary to investigate the situation and make a determination after consulting with various parties to determine whether a model policy could be developed. The court made it clear that states would not be impacted by the Center's decision-making process and may proceed independently on this matter. A public interest lawsuit to require menstruation breaks for working women and female students nationwide was denied by the supreme court earlier in February.

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