Renukaswamy, a Chitradurga native, is said to have been killed, and prominent kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa and sixteen other people were taken into custody in an incident that shocked the whole state of Karnataka. Renukaswamy, a follower of Darshan, was located by the actor's fan clubs and kidnapped to Bengaluru, where he was subjected to torture and killed over his social media posts criticising Darshan's spouse and co-accused Pavithra Gowda.

Darshan's prisoner number, "6106," has become widely popular on social media, with admirers of the actor obtaining tattoos of it and cars with the number painted on them. Additionally, the film chamber has been contacted regarding the registration of titles such as "Khaidi no 6106." Concern over these developments has been voiced by the authorities.

Fans of the celebrity began romanticising his prisoner number online after his detention. His prisoner number, '6106,' is said to have been tattooed and permanently affixed to their cars. The film chamber has reportedly also been contacted on the registration of titles such as "Khaidi no 6106," according to news agency IANS. Concern over these developments has been voiced by the authorities. 
In the meantime, a couple in Bengaluru published pictures of their little child wearing a prison outfit, raising suspicions that this was just another instance of them showing support for the actor who is facing murder charges. Of course, the infant was supposed to wear a white shirt with the number '6106' emblazoned on it.

However, the karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has taken suo moto note of the photograph, landing the baby's parents in hot water. The child rights commission has directed the police department to locate the parents as soon as possible, according to IANS.

The Commission contends that it is a blatant violation of the Juvenile Justice Act to force the youngster to wear a jail uniform and to have him photographed in an environment that includes handcuffs and other prison-related imagery.

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