Revnth Reddy: From zero to Hero..!!

- congress came to power from zero with the magic of Revanth.
- A hero who became cm in 2023.
- A rare record as cm for five years after joining the party..!

The congress party, which was in power for 10 years before the division of Andhra Pradesh, has seen a light. To be honest, 2004-2014 was a golden era for the congress party in the last 50 years. A separate telangana came into being under the rule of the congress government which was in power for ten years. congress lost in the 2014 elections. BRS came to power. From there, the congress was crippled by the operation Akarsh which was undertaken by KCR. The MPs, MLAs, and MLCs who won from the congress lined up and went to the Rose Party. Finally, when it came time for the 2018 elections, the congress, which could not face the BRS alone in telangana, found itself in the predicament of having to ally with its long-time political enemy, the telugu Desam Party.
Even so, the defeat in that terrible election was sealed. All the bigwigs of the congress party were badly defeated. Out of the 19 MLAs who won, 12 MLAs changed their party. After congress lost for the second time in a row in 2018, no one expected that the party would come to power again in Telangana. congress went to the bottom. MLAs and MPs, who won from congress, were beaten by kcr in a row and hit after hit. Such a party came to power in 2023. That means no matter what anyone says, no matter how many miracles happen, only revanth Reddy..! What is strange..? revanth reddy, who won as an mla from Telugudesam in the elections held after the division of telangana, joined the congress before the 2018 elections and could not even win as an mla from Kodangal. On top of that, revanth was admitted to the party unnecessarily and faced many insults from congress seniors. Later, revanth reddy contested as an mp from Malkajgiri, which was not related to him, and won a historic victory in the parliamentary elections held just five months later.

After being selected as the president of PCC, many people complained that the party did not even receive deposits in the by-elections. Even though many people in his own party tried to back him, revanth fought alone and brought the party to power in the 2023 elections. He became an unstoppable giant killer and became a telangana political game-changer. The politics of the country has been made to fall towards telangana at once.

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