A coalition government led by the telugu desam party (TDP) has recently taken power in Andhra Pradesh, with chief minister Chandrababu Naidu at the helm. Naidu's demanding schedule requires him to work nearly 18 hours a day. The new government is facing the challenge of fulfilling the promises made during the election campaign amidst the state's current economic conditions.

In addition to these tasks, Naidu is also addressing grievances from his time under the ysr congress party (YCP) regime by filing numerous cases against ycp leaders. Furthermore, tdp supporters are allegedly involved in the destruction of idols. In this context, abn radhakrishna, during his "Weekend with RK" program, critically questioned Naidu's policies. He suggested that if Naidu emulates Jaganmohan Reddy's style of governance, it would be ineffective. radhakrishna also mocked Nara Lokesh's "Red Book," suggesting that governance should be the priority over party activities. He criticized Naidu's special program for ramoji rao as well.

Professor nageswara rao responded to Radhakrishna's comments, noting that anyone questioning the tdp government is often accused of being allied with Jaganmohan reddy and subjected to social media trolling. Rao pointed out that Radhakrishna's criticism of Naidu has been particularly harsh, likening it to being more dangerous than the coronavirus. Rao questioned whether the tdp would now accuse radhakrishna of being in league with Jaganmohan Reddy. This situation has sparked significant debate and has become a hot topic in the state.

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