kcr should leave his ego to became a Game Changer..!? 

* Will kcr stop criticizing the opposition and change himself?
* Will kcr leave his ego and start thinking?
* Does kcr think about the state and not for political benefits?

After working hard to achieve a separate telangana state, kcr felt like the king of telangana after achieving endless dominance in telangana for ten years. After achieving the separate state of telangana, initially, he ruled brilliantly. He rose so high that his opponents could not even come in his way. Later due to reduced relations with the people, family ties at every step, and royal tendencies. All these things made kcr angry. Political life has collapsed. And kcr, who was badly defeated in the last election, got into a lot of trouble after that. The strange thing is that kcr, who was the cm of telangana for 10 years, did not win at least one seat in the parliamentary election results, which is really a shame for his experience.
In addition to this, his MLAs are also lining up and leaving BRS and migrating to the congress party like flood victims. As much as kcr went up as telangana cm, he fell down even worse due to his arrogance. With extreme confidence, he transformed the regional party TRS into a national party BRS. kcr, who wanted to become the prime minister from the chief minister, has now found it difficult to get at least the telangana cm seat. If congress and bjp are advancing in telangana, if BRS is to rise, kcr will definitely have to change his character. Otherwise, he cannot be the next game-changer.

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