Declaring that going to war is not the answer to long-standing problems, prime minister Narendra Modi made a repeated appeal for peace on Tuesday, asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to conclude the crisis with ukraine through diplomatic means, according to sources who spoke to news agency ANI.
"On the battlefield, there is no answer. The prime minister informed Putin that "dialogue and diplomacy is the way forward," according to sources, who also said that india is committed to upholding the UN Charter's provisions on territorial integrity and sovereignty. Less than a month has passed since PM Modi met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of ukraine, outside of the G7 conference. By the way, this is PM Modi's first trip to russia since the start of the crisis between moscow and Kyiv in 2022.

Here are the top developments from PM Modi two-day russia visit:
• After PM Modi brought up the issue with Putin, russia consented to release the indian nationals who had been enlisted to fight in ukraine and to make it easier for them to come home. This was a significant diplomatic victory for India.

• Sources stated that india brought up the subject most forcefully when it came to the indians enlisted in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Returning the 35–50 recruits who are thought to be in the Russian army—at least four of whom have already been killed—was the "top priority" heading into the bilateral.

• During his almost 24-hour visit to russia, PM Modi will meet with Putin face-to-face for eight to nine hours, according to sources who spoke with news agency PTI. These sessions would include both individual and delegation-level discussions.

• The economic topic is anticipated to be the "principal agenda" of the 22nd India-Russia annual summit, with the indian side seeking to reduce the trade deficit that has arisen as a result of a notable increase in energy imports from russia during the previous two years.

• In the strategic relationship between the two nations, the annual summit serves as the highest level institutional engagement mechanism. 28 Memorandums of Understanding and agreements were signed by both parties during the most recent summit.

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