Assam flood death toll rises to 72!

Floods caused by incessant rains in nepal led to flooding in some districts of bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Death toll rises to 72 due to floods in assam district.It is reported that the water flow of 9 major rivers has exceeded the danger level. More than 19 lakh people have been affected in 3,154 villages in the flood-affected districts. As of monday evening, 48,124 people have taken shelter in 245 relief camps.

About 50 thousand hectares of crops are affected. 137 animals, including rhinos, died in the floods in Kaziranga National Park and tiger Reserve. 99 animals have been rescued and kept safe. Also, many districts are plunged into darkness as electricity and telecommunications have also been cut off.

Meanwhile, incessant rains in nepal caused flooding in some districts of bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 36 gates of the Valmikinagar Sulfur Barrage on the India-Nepal border have been opened. Due to this, there is a risk of submergence of low-lying areas.

Heavy rains in assam have caused flooding in major rivers beyond the danger level. Due to this, chief minister Himanta Biswa Sharma said that more than 28 districts have been flooded and around 23 lakh people have been affected. Also, out of a total of 35 districts in assam, 30 districts have reported heavy rains.

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